Up-coming Events for 2017

Celebrating Canada's 150th Birthday with over 100 years of Macedonian Immigration

  1. Book Launch by Slave Katin on Tuesday May 16 at 7pm at St. Clement of Ohrid Orthodox Cathedral. The book is called “MAKEDONSKI ISELENICHKI MERIDIJANI’                                                                                                                                                                                                             

  2. Annual General Membership meeting: Sunday April 23rd, 2017 @ the CMP
  3. Lecture: Celebrating Canada's 150th - A Canadian - Macedonian Heritage Story with Edith George   May 7, 2017 at the East York Civic Centre at 2pm-4:30pm

  1. Book Launch: Danny the Barber - Proud to Call Canada My Home. The life of well-known Cambridge businessman Doné Katsarov is chronicled in Danny the Barber – Proud to Call Canada My Home. A launch celebration for the self-published title, written by Shelley Byers, will be held on a date to be announced soon.

  2. Canadian Macedonian Poetry - Celebrating Canada's 150


Macedonian Roots in Canada by Spiro Thompson


Canada, you are indeed a land of multi-cultural Immigrants

Many people heard your call and they came

Macedonians leave their beloved homeland

Your promise of hope and freedom they come to claim.


You invite them, come people from Aegean, Pirrin, Vardar

Come; join other new life seeking peoples

Leave Macedonia, as children will one day leave home

Come; build families, homes, businesses, Churches with steeples.


You counsel them, embrace me and I will embrace you

Nothing will be given to you, nothing here is free

Macedonians are not strangers to hard times or hard work

Things will go well here, endure you will see.


You persuade them, give me your youth, muscle, sweat

Give me your hopes, dreams, your plans, your brain

Establishing a foothold in this new country will be hard

Remember immigrant, it's your children who will reap and gain.


And work they did, daytime, night time, part time, overtime

In slaughterhouses, tanneries, factories, restaurants and mill

No work was too hard, or beneath such a hardy people

As these freedom loving Macedonians, of intelligence and will.


They rub shoulders with the multiracial people of Canada

Learn the English language; retain culture and make themselves a place

Their honest, and religious character, prove them second to none

In Business, Arts, Academics, Sports they bring honor to their Race.


One day when we sons and daughters, stand at our parents graves

After those hope seeking immigrants, have ended their days of toil

We will understand it is our roots we plant; for far from Macedonia

Our parent’s bodies will become part of Canada's soil.





        I close my eyes

        Memories are overflowing

        Like bubbles of champagne

        Macedonia is my birthplace


        I see the yard of my home and the vine canopies

        I reach for the hanging grapes

        The red and white sweet grapes are melting in my mouth

        I admire the majestic mountains and the voices of the singing birds


        One day my father says to us

        "We will leave this place

        We will go to Canada, which is a dream place"

        In 1962, we depart for Canada

        The four of us, my little sister, my mama and papa


From Piraeus we are aboard on a luxurious boat from Holland

        It is called Homerique

        Thirteen days in the ship

        The eye sees only sky and sea


Our cabin is located in the lowest level of the boat

        The economy class

        From the window of our cabin I am able to see

        The dark color, the other side of the sea


      The French Cuisine

        Smells heavenly

        This is a different cooking

       It is much tastier than the homeland cooking.


       At the dinning room the waiter is dressed

        In white shirt, black bow tie, white jacket

        Black pants and white gloves

        He is handsome, polite, kind

        And he teaches us in which hand to hold the fork and the knife


        This is a luxurious way of living

        My background is just a tiny city

        I never been on a cruise before

        This boat will take me faraway from my home


        At Pier 21 in Halifax, a Representative

        Of the travel Agency

        Welcome us with a written sign and the destination

        And our minds are ready for imagination


        With few cents we purchase

        A loaf of French bread

        The French bread is so yummy

        We cannot fulfill our tummies


        An hour later we are aboard on a commercial train

        It twists as a snake, for long, long hours

        It leaves behind a cloud of black smoke

        A beautiful panorama, of a snow-white blanket is spread

        Our stomachs have desire fro French bread


        In Montreal we change to another train

        And we notice the freezing rain

        This locomotive is clean

        I am eager to see everything


        From Montreal to Toronto is another thing

        I could not see a thing

        I feel exhausted and I sleep

        Into a deep sleep and I sleep


        The next morning with the dawn

        I yawn


        This is Toronto, the downtown station

        And time for realization


        Tall buildings, bright lights

        At nights


        Toronto is a special City, an exception

        I have a good impression


        Toronto is the city of opportunity

        Toronto is the land of prosperity

        Toronto is a sweet city

        In Toronto I raise family

        Toronto is my New World


        In Toronto I have gracefully grown

        Toronto sits up high

        I love the First Day of July

        Destination, Toronto is like a dream come true.