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Macedonian Narrative with Risto Stefov

Risto Stefov is our resident historian and recipient of our Silver Shield Award for outstanding contribution to the Canadian Macedonian community. He has published numerous of his own works and translated and edited many Macedonian books into english. The list below are just a sample of his work in bringing the Macedonian narrative to life.

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  1. Death in Solun. By Iovan Parlapanov. Macedonian Version. Translated & Edited by Risto Stefov
  2. Refugee Children from Aegean Macedonia in Yugoslavia by Misko Kitanski & Giorgi Donevski – Translated & edited by Risto Stefov (Click here for Macedonian Version)
  3. Solun Assassins, The - by Krste Bitovski (Translated & Edited by Risto Stefov)-Click here for Macedonian Version
  4. Tragedy and Wrath by Stoian Kochov - Translated from Macedonian and edited by Risto Stefov Click for Macedonian Version